She was so good i cudnt resist fucking her


I am an average married south asian male. We south asians, apart from enjoying the luxury of sub tropical climate enjoy the gift of multiracial beauty to include ,dark brown sweetly tanned babes to white sweeties with pink pussies. Males come in all shapes and sizes and have an average dick length of 6 inches which is not bad by any standard.

Since adolescence i am obsessed with smells, eating a pussy is my passion and i have done a lot to improve my sexual stamina to give pleasure to my partner. A moaning babe asking for more gives me immense satisfaction. i remained faithful to my wife for 5 years untill —single mom Maya moved in to our lane. My first i interaction with her was a  mere coincidence, her only 3 year old hurt her self in a park and i was the only one available to rescue.

She offered me to come in her her home for a cup of coffee and i seized the moment. Her daughter went to sleep as we were chatting. She was stunningly attractive. First thing i noticed were her sleek thighs, her pink tight trousers were making them even more outstanding. for the next best thing there was a tie between her firm nice b size breasts, beautiful pink lips and expressive eyes with dark eye liner. 

I candidly admitted how gorgeous she was looking and she embraced my advances with a sweet smile. I touched her hand and admired how her lips eyes and nose made a perfect triangle, i could sense her deep breaths from the moment i held her hand. Encouraged and aroused i kissed her gently on her eyes and then those gorgeous lips with light pink glossed lipstick, i cannot forget the taste of her lips, i put my tongue in her mouth and sucked in her whole sweet tongue. 

She lied on her back on the comfortable couch and we removed our shirts, my heart was pounding in anticipation to see those gorgeous breasts come out…. i removed her black net Victorias secret and sucked in the most beautiful nipple of the world. My tongue working in circles on her nipples, made her moan and sink her hands on my hair. The sweet aroma of her breasts and silky armpits was driving me wild. Licking my way down on her silky body i removed her trousers to reveal her gorgeous pink pussy. I opened her legs apart and could smell the perfume of her wet pussy. i placed my tongue flat on her silly pink labia minora and felt the jitters that  went through her whole body…I was in heaven, my 7 inches dick was up like a rocket pre cum oozing out. I sucked in her labia minora and clitoris. Her fingers were stuck in my head and she was moaning dont stop…my toungue was working like a magician and her pussy juices were quenching my thirst…

Then then i could resist it no more, my errect dick head was gone purple. With one thrust i slid it in the vagina from heaven..Ahoooch!!! was the cry of my darling and i placed my lips on her lips as the pounding begun. 7 inches of errect pennis was pleasing and teasing her and our tongues and saliva were meshed. While fucking her pussy i switched kissing her mouth and nipples. With out taking my dick out we changed positions to side by side, she on top and her boobs in my mouth, and sitting up front…..My penis was all wet with her juices till my balls. I would halt the pounding intensify the kisses to fell her orgasms her tight pussy fluttering against my dick. 

Then the finale came i gently laid her on her back put her legs on my shoulders and gave her pounding of her life to flood her pink pussy with my cum…

Butt naked we cuddled for an hour and then i left the most gorgeous girl of my life only to come back again…


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Drink, sinner… drink

   On the bed of their marriage, on the sheets they slept in, she fed her male a fresh harvest of delicious and nurturing seed. One the bed of the life she moaned words which she learned as she knelt and suckled Me for pleasure. The words to preach to a cuckold being born, the ceremony to announce her vessel’s bounty for his feasting. Gyrating her supple hips to allow the flood to leak out into his hungry mouth she spoke, she awakened him, she melted in her own filthy sin. The circle is complete, the reward for being such a good husband being fed upon. A white girl now set free without guilt knowing her flesh can harvest the richness of Black Dick and make this pathetic worm cleanse her wicked soul, and put her swollen pussy to sleep… loved and worshiped. Drinking from a girl, like so many years ago a nipple replaced by a cum soaked and sensually sore vagina. 

   “Only unclean animals can grovel to me…” Amanda moaned low and soft as her cum hungry husband lapped at her precious pussy laden with a load she worked hard to receive, “I can redeem you, put me first. I can save you from hell, pray to me. I can set your soul free, worship me. Feast upon thy lamb, I can redeem you.”.

   The ritual set ablaze by a tongue which knew no guilt and a girl who floaters on clouds that rose up high and never let her feel want again. The ritual which freed her mind and gave her the strength to unleash upon her spouse the flood of semen which I deposited into the folds of her loving womb, so they make blend with the juices she rose up and made her orgasm. The baptism of the cuckold, now complete, now part of their loving married bed, now a duty she will not ever allow him to not perform.

   Shaking lips, a pussy which danced on its own and made him drink, “Drink…. mmmmm… drink, sinner drink.  Good boy… good boy.  Drink… sinner.. mmmmmmmmm… good boy…. good boy… mmmmmm… mmm…”.

   Drink, sinner, drink, for thy wife shall need much more very soon. The wicked have risen.


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to have a helping hand…


to have a helping hand…

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In the library

I first saw her my freshman year at college working the library desk. Throughout the year, I would periodically catch a glimpse or her reshelving books or helping other students local resource materials. We chatted at times, usual small talk about classes and dorm life; she seemed an interesting woman.

While wandering through the aisles on a break from studying, I spied her wheeling a cart of books and followed.  As she intently searched for the proper shelf position for the book she was shelving, I reached around her cupping a breast with one hand while encircling her waist with the other. 

With very little resistance and willing encouragement, her blouse as well as her jeans were quickly unbuttoned. The feel of her tight body and the thrill of potentially being discovered was heavenly. It was there on the third floor of the library after hours, in front of the window overlooking the campus I had the most fantastic sex of my life.

On these cold winter nights, I often wonder whatever happened to her.  I heard she married and moved to the west coast. Could be; I’d like to know.  Wherever you are Mavis, I want you to know that I’ve cherished our library encounter always.  Without doubt, it was the greatest fuck of my life.

The Waterwheel


Water trickling

water gurgling

surging splashing

sploshy burbling

Wooden wheel

tirelessly turning

spun by cascading

torrents churning

O I’m such a naughty girl!

On sunny days I love to take

A whippy whacking rod

One to make my bottom ache

Naughty me, I’m quite undressed

Soft lush grass, bare feet caressed

A sunlit stroll, by gleaming brook

Down to my secret spanking nook…

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